How to Load A Sato PB-1 Price Gun

Hi, I'm Bill Brown from B&B Supply, I'm gonna show you how to load the labels in a Sato PB-1 price gun. You want to start by taking your roll of labels and making a slight crease on the first five labels. You then want to open the label door as well as the base plate by lightly lifting up on the black plastic piece and the pressure plate by taking a hold of the little metal bar and just pulling down. 

We want to load our labels, the labels coming off the bottom of the roll. There is a white plastic path that you'll see, just follow it right through the gun. You want to position the labels under the label holder guide and then simply roll the roll of labels until labels start coming out the front of the gun. 

Go ahead and close the label door and extend some labels out past the pressure plate. You can go ahead and close the pressure plate and position the labels on the feed wheel. If you have any slack, simply back out your slack, so that just your first couple labels are on the feed wheel and then go ahead and close your base plate and lock it into position. You can begin pulling the hand trigger and we are getting printed labels. 

The Sato PPI is now loaded.