How to Load A Primark P-16 Label Gun

Hi! I am Bill Brown from B & B Supply,, and I am going to show you how to load the labels for a Primark P-16 label gun.

You're first going to take your labels, and make a slight crease upward with the labels actually. You are going to bend the labels down so that the crease makes a small triangle. This will help feed the labels through the gun.

I'm then going to open the label roll holder, and the two black knobs with your index finger and thumb, just go ahead and slide those down and open
the pressure plate. You are then going to feed the labels through the gun, and this is done easily by turning the gun upside down, moving the labels
through the gun, and then placing the labels on the roll holder.

As soon as you have labels coming out of the front of the gun, you go ahead and close the label holder. You then want to extend labels about five
inches out of the pressure plate. Then go ahead and close the pressure plate until it snaps in and you hear the click.

So the gun doesn't jam, I recommend that you peel off the labels from the backing paper. Once the labels are peeled off, you are going to insert the
backing paper right below the metal roller, until you feel resistance from the feed wheel. Begin clicking the hand trigger, while still putting
pressure on the backing paper. The feed wheel will grab and create pressure. We are now getting printed labels. The Primark P-16 gun is now