How to Load A Monarch 1153 Price Gun

"Hi, I'm Bill from B&B Supply,, and I'll be showing you how to load the labels into the Monarch 1153 Price Gun. I can imagine that because you're watching this video right now, you're probably pretty frustrated and feel like throwing your price gun against the wall, but let's not do that. Take a deep breath and realize that in the next two minutes, I'm going to help you have this thing loaded. For a printable version of these instructions, as well as maintenance tips, please visit our website at

Let's start off by preparing our Monarch 1153 by inserting the ink roller. Open the gun by pressing the black button on top of the gun. Press down, and insert the ink roller. Release the bar, and the ink roller is loaded. Then, we need to prepare our labels by picking the roll and discarding the labels to where the glue is used to hold it. We do this so you don't risk the labels that had the adhesive on them gumming up the machine. You'll discard about seven or eight Monarch 1153 labels.

Then, pick off about five to six inches worth of labels, so you start with just a strip of backing paper. Next, take hold of and open your Monarch 1153 Price Gun. Make sure the labels are coming off the top of the roll, and click the label roll into place between the two light gray roll holders. Then, pull and drape your backing paper over the peel bar and close the gun. Flip the Monarch 1153 and, covering the white roller, feed the backing paper into the opening. When the paper meets resistance from the feed wheel, keep your hand on the paper, and with the other hand, begin clicking the hand trigger.

The backing paper should start to tighten up, and printed labels should start coming out the top of the gun. Finally, tear off and discard the backing paper. I hope this video has helped you learn how to load your Monarch Price Gun. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at 1-800-346-7820 or visit our website at"