How to Load a Monarch 1131 Price Gun

monarch-1131.jpgThe whole Monarch 1130 gun series are some of the most easy to load pricing guns on the market. Follow these simple instructions and within two minutes from now, you’ll be printing the Monarch labels you need. As you read these Monarch price gun instructions, if you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-800-346-7820. All new Monarch 1131 price guns from B&B Supply come boxed with loading instructions.

The Monarch 1131 price gun has two black latches on each side of the gun. Start by sliding the latches back and opening the cover completely until you hear a click and it’s locked in the open position. Take your roll of Monarch 1131 labels and tear off the first ten inches (about 25 labels) and discard. This will remove the adhesive that bonds the roll together and eliminates the possibility of that glue jamming up the gun. Next, place the roll between the light gray holders with the price labels coming off the top of the roll. Pull the labels across the gun and drape them over the metal peel bar at the front of the gun. You should have about six inches of labels hanging loosely over the peel bar. Keep the labels centered over the peel bar and close the cover. Peel all the labels off the backing paper. (You want to have only backing paper going through the bottom of the gun and getting grabbed by the feedwheel). Hold the Monarch 1131 pricing gun in front of your face as if you were going to label your forehead and take hold of the loose backing paper and insert it just above the plastic handle. You should see two black arrows pointing into the gun. Feed the paper in until you feel resistance and start clicking the hand trigger. This will activate the feedwheel and it should start grabbing the paper. Click the hand trigger about eight times and you should start getting printed pricing labels.