How to Load A Meto Price Gun

Hi. I'm Bill from B&B Supply, and I'll to be showing you how to load the labels into Meto Price Gun. 

I can imagine that because you are watching this video right now, you are probably pretty frustrated and feel like throwing your price gun against the wall. But lets not do that. Take a deep breath and realize that in the next two minutes, I am going to help you have this thing loaded. For a printable version of these instructions, as well as maintenance tips, please visit our web site at 

We'll first prepare our labels by taking the roll and discarding the labels to where the glue was used to hold it. This is done so you don't risk jamming up the machine with the labels that had the adhesive on them. Next, take hold of and open your Meto Price Gun base plate by sliding the latches on either side down. Insert the roll of Meto labels and make sure the labels are coming off the bottom of the roll. Click the label roll into place between the two grey roll holders. Slide the label strip through the gun until there is about seven inches of labels hanging out. Lift and snap the base plate closed. Feed the label strip through the transport by inserting it into the opening. Feed the labels through until the come out by the hand lever. Start to squeeze the hand trigger until printed labels start emerging from the top of the Meto label gun. Finally tear off and discard the backing paper. 

To replace the ink roller, click the hand trigger and lift the ink holder over the top of the gun. Slide and squeeze off the grey holder. Discard the ink by squeezing and taking the roller out. Open the packaging of the new roller and snap the axle onto the holder. Slide the holder back into place and press the ink roller back down. 

I hope this video has helped you learn how to load your Meto Price Gun. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at 1-800-346-7820. Or visit our web site at