Get The Inside Story With The Monarch Paxar 1136 Price Gun

As any good business owner knows, it is important to know what is going on behind the scenes. If you maintain an open-door policy and are honest with your workers and customers, they will show you that same respect in return. It is important to always remain as transparent as possible.

That is why so many retailers respect the Monarch Paxar 1136 price gun. Monarch pricing guns are the most popular on the market and the Monarch 1136 is the most popular two-line hand held labeler in the Monarch price gun family.

A two-line model allows you to be more transparent with your customers, offering two different types of information on every tag. If you are having a sale, you can print Was / Now price gun labels. If you want to show the unit price and the package price, you can let your customers know how much they save buying in bulk.

Not only does the Monarch 1136 allow you to be more transparent with your customers, the tool itself utilizes transparency for unmatched ease of use. The easy-open top allows you to see inside the tool to easily diagnose any jams or other problems. It also allows for some of the simplest price gun label loading on the market today.

You know the old saying: if you put good in you get good out. For managers that want to get the most transparent price gun they can, B & B supply will be fair and transparent with you. We offer a repair exchange program for all Monarch 1136 models. If you send us your broken gun, we send you a rebuilt one. It is a way to save our customers money and reward them for being the fair and equitable managers they are.

Isn’t it great to have the inside scoop on your business?