Garvey Price Gun Instructions

Garvey price gun only takes a few steps. This label gun is known for its ease of use and minimal label jams. Genuine Garvey price labels and Garvey pricing guns are a favorite of convince stores, retail shops and various industries.


This loading process is the same for the G-Series and Contact price gun. Start by opening the front pressure plate by sliding the two black tabs down. While holding the strip of labels, drop the roll of Garvey labels into the gun with the labels coming off the bottom of the roll. You should be seeing the labels on the strip, and only backing paper on the roll. You should have about seven inches of labels out the front of the gun. Then go ahead and close the front plate. Next, we recommend you peel the price labels off the backing paper. This will help to eliminate the possibility of a label jam. When all the labels are off the backing paper, feed it into the slot with the drive assembly. There is an arrow pointing to where to put the paper. Begin clicking the hand trigger and once the paper tightens up, you should start getting printed labels out the top of the gun.