Food Adhesive Options

Adhesive Options Minimum Application Temperature Working Temperature Range Easy To Remove Moisture Resistant Apply To Frozen Goods Description
Removable 40° F -65° F to 200° F E S S Removes cleanly from most surfaces. Labels should be removed before washing to avoid adhesive buildup.
Freezer -10° F -65° F to 200° F U S E General adhesive can be used on all surfaces. Should be used on disposable boxes, containers, portion bags, etc.
Dissolvable 21° F -40° F to 176° F E S S Label and adhesive dissolves away in water. For use on reusable containers. Areas of high moisture and steam should be avoided.
Durax 32° F -65° F to 200° F E S S Durable water and moisture resistant material with removable adhesive that can survive washing and still retain removability.
Washable 21° F -40° F to 176° F E S S Adhesive will lift off containers during washing leaving no residue. Label material remains intact.
Removxtra 32° F -65° F to 200° F E S S Removable adhesive with a "lift-tab".
Duraxtra 32° F -65° F to 200° F E E S Same as Durax labels, with a "lift-tab".
FDA           This "FDA" label material has a permanent adhesive specially designed for adhesion to fresh fruit and vegatables with an edible skin. This material meets the requirements of FDA 175.105 and FDA 175.125b. The material does not meet the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 175.125A for direct food contact.
      E = Excellent S = Satisfactory U = Unsatisfactory