Farms Use Pricing Guns

As the weather continues to warm with the breaking of Spring, many farms are gearing up for another busy season. A popular way for farms to mark their cases of produce with the PLU number is by using price guns. It’s common for the farm to have a custom printed price label with their name imprinted on the label. Also, having a label to mark a date with a pre-print reading Best If Sold By is very common as well. A general purpose adhesive will typically work for most applications, however, there are cases which will need a permanent adhesive price label.

price guns for farms, price labels for farms

Farms use all variety of label guns from many different manufacturers. The popular Monarch 1136 price guns along with Monarch 1136 labels allow for the grower to put multiple lines of information on the label. Farms use the one line Primark P-14 pricing guns, Garvey 22-8, Monarch 1131 price guns, and Towa price guns. Popular two line options are Towa pricing guns, XL Pro price guns, Garvey 22-88, and Meto price guns. You can view and purchase all the label guns listed as well as the Monarch labels,Garvey price labels, and Meto price labels to go along with the hand held labeling gun at our website.