Customers Looking for the Least and Most Price Labels per Package Will Find the Towa Price Gun, Monarch 1131, and Monarch 1136 Great Options

At the, we often get calls from potential customers who are looking for a good quality pricing gun; however, they will not be using a lot of labels.  They are interested to know what the minimum order quantity of labels is as a few thousand price labels will last them for years.  When customers inquire about custom labels with their store name printed on them, the minimum order is typically double the minimum of stock labels for that model of price gun.  With one line label packs ranging from 8,000 to 30,000 labels, there can be quite a gap from model to model.  It’s important that customers know and understand how many stickers they will need for their ongoing or short term applications.  Some small shops want to buy the least amount while larger shops and facilities want to know which labels have the most in one pack.  An even more helpful number that will be included in this article is the roll with the most labels on it.  This is extremely useful because the more labels on a roll, the less the user needs to stop to change the roll.  This article will give examples of the fewest and most labels per package for one, and two line label guns.

Everyone should first evaluate the size of pricing label that will work best for them.  Size typically dictates how many individual stickers come per roll and package.  Large promotional stickers are available, but for this article I’ll only focus on the smaller tags.

The one line hand held tool that comes with the least amount of labels per package is the Towa price gun.  The Towa Samurai GS model is built with metal side plates and a sprocket that advances the tape via pre-cut holes in the Towa labels and backing paper.  There are 8,000 individual stickers per package.  The single line gun that has the most is really any XL-Pro pricing gun with 30,000.  The most labels per roll are Monarch 1131 labels with 2,500.  In places that use a higher volume, this helps users save time by not having to change the roll as often.

The two line with the smallest amount of tags is also a Towa label gun; the Towa Samurai GL.  These labels are sold in packs of 6,000.  In second place is the Garvey 2516 label with 8,000 and the 2216 used in the Garvey 22-88 with 9,000.  The Sato pricing gun, model PB-2, uses stickers that tie the Monarch 1115 labels as the largest pack at 15,000.  Monarch 1136 labels have the most on the roll at 1,750 and come as a 14,000 pack.