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Cost of Halloween in The United States

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Halloween has always been a time to scare, to trick and to treat. But it seems Americans have been trick or treating themselves so much that it’s almost scary. Halloween has turned into one of the priciest holidays in the US. Between costumes, candy and pumpkins the average American is spending anywhere between $70 and $80 each Halloween; contributing to a total average US expenditure of $7.2 billion dollars annually since 2011.

Luckily due to heavier rains in the Midwest promoting pumpkin patches to flourish and their cost to lower, this year’s total price tag for Halloween 2013 is predicted to come in at roughly $6.9 billion spent, compared to last year’s $8 billion spent. But no matter which way you slice it, spending billions each year on candy, costumes and pumpkins is what we call a scary statistic.

To see how the typical American spends their Halloween fund, check out our Cost of Halloween in the United States Infographic.

Cost of Halloween in the United States

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