Cleaning Price Guns

You’ve been using your price gun all day and everyone in your store has been touching it and using it as well. There are stickers stuck to it, germs breeding on the handle, and it just looks plain old dirty. But how do you clean it?

The easiest way to keep your price gun germ-free is to use disinfectant wipes daily. Just like washing your hands everyday – disinfecting your price gun keeps you and your employees healthy, especially during flu season.

If you have labels stuck inside or outside the gun, they should be removed at the earliest opportunity. The longer a stuck label stays inside the gun, the harder it will be to remove later on. Using lighter fluid to remove adhesives on the outside of the gun is recommended.

Clearing jams inside the gun is a little more complicated than clearing stuck labels on the outside. You must open the gun and use a file to clear the labels. Typically the file comes with the price gun just for such an occasion but if they don’t, you can find them at our price gun store.

The last thing to remember to do periodically in order to keep your price gun functioning is to clear it of any dust or small debris that may collect inside. Using an aerosol air cleaner specially made for electronics is a great product to use. Like the products you use to clean our dust and crumbs from your computer keyboard, spraying this clears out the dust from the small parts inside your pricing gun.

So don’t forget to keep up with cleaning your price gun regularly by dusting, disinfecting, and clearing any and all jams and labels from your gun.