Choosing the Right Price Gun

A great variety of price guns exist to suit an even greater variety of usage patterns and label requirements. Some people work in rougher environments and need heavy duty price applicators that will stand some abuse. Others may only need compact, cheap price guns for occasional use. With all the options out there, though, the same question constantly arises: how do you choose which price gun will work best for you?

Look at Your Needs
Be aware of what information you need to mark onto your labels. Do you mark prices or expiration dates? Do you need a simple single line, or multiple lines of information? Do you need the date code to appear? Do you need a price gun with perforated or colored label options? There are price guns and labels to suit each of these needs. Once you have identified these essential features, you will have narrowed down your field of options significantly.

Look at Your Personal Use
This is not a question so much of “What do you use a price gun for?” but more of “How do you personally use price guns?” Is your price gun in constant danger of being dropped onto hard concrete or tile flooring? Do you use it frequently? Do you need a quick action for pricing a high volume of items? Some users or clerks may require high durability, a light weight, a more secure grip or a larger label holding capacity because of different work environments, functions, and personal habits. Think about the conditions you use your price gun in and come up with a list of qualities you need in your price gun so that it will last for as long as you need it to.

Look at Your Budget
Retailers who make frequent use of their label guns may want to invest more to ensure that they have made the best choice possible. Others who use their label gun more sparingly may prefer to purchase a less expensive price gun (so long as it still suits their needs). After looking at your options, decide how much money you are willing to put toward this tool.

It helps to make a 3-column list to mark down your responses to these categories. Prioritize which qualities are most important, and soon you will be on your way to finding the perfect price gun.