Benefits of Using Label Guns

vs Hand Writing

Very slow
Not uniformed

If you have several items that need to be labeled with the same information, the hand writing process is going to be much slower than label gun. With these tools you can print and apply 12 labels in five seconds. Also, hand writing can cause non uniform and messy print. The last thing you want is for your information to not be legible.

vs Continuous Ink Jet

Expensive to buy and maintain; $7,000 to $15,000
A conveyer system is necessary
Not portable
If you run an ink jet, label guns are a great back up.

Continuous ink jet systems are used by manufacturers to mark a variety of information directly onto the products. Sell By dates and lot code information are the most popular applications. The printer itself costs anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000. A conveyer is also necessary in order for the product to pass by the print head at a smooth and constant rate of speed. This system isn’t very portable. Labeling guns are able to be taken to any part of the plant and used. They only weigh about 2 pounds. These tools are an ideal solution for smaller food and product manufacturers. If you are a larger organization who does have a continuous ink jet printer, these guns are an excellent back up should your machine go down.

vs Stamping

Can get messy with the ink.
Might be unreadable if the ink runs or isn’t applied in the exact correct spot.

vs Applying laser or thermal printed labels

This process is OK, and we have applicators available that should be able to help you apply them. If you are just peeling and sticking by hand, then it’s very slow compared to using a gun or applicator. If you have a custom label that is printed for you, or you do it yourself, give us a call to go over your label dimensions and we’ll find a hand held applicator designed for your label size.