B&B Supply’s PriceGunStore.com Announces Addition of Printex Price Gun Model Line

B&B Supply has become the first price gun and price label distributor in the United States to offer Printex price guns. “We are very excited to being working with Printex,” explained Buz Brown. “Their hand held labeling tools are designed and built very well. The guns have a lot of different printing options to offer, and the labels are some of the most eye catching designs in the industry. Printex is a European company with a strong presence in all of Europe, Britain, and the Middle East.

“Working with Printex, we are able to offer our customers in the US printing options that were not available here,” said Buz.  Printex has become the first pricing gun manufacturer to engineer a tool to print three lines of characters with 14 full alpha or numeric characters per line.  “This can prove extremely useful for companies who label inventory in warehouses with 14 character product numbers,” explained Buz.

The Printex line will be offered in addition to other popular lines such as Monarch price gun line and Monarch labels, Garvey price guns and Garvey labels, and the Meto price gun line.  Buz said, “We’ll be working hard to update our website with Printex products over the next few months.  We are optimistic that customers will like the attention grabbing design of some of the fluorescent colored price labels.”

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