Adhesive and Label Material Options

1,2,3,4,5...etc. Consecutive label guns have been used for decades in a variety of industries. The guns really found a strong footing in the manufacturing of denim jeans. As the denim pieces were cut, a label is used to make the sewer’s job easier to identify each one. Consecutive number tools have the ability to have both constant (doesn’t change with each click) and variable (changes with each click) numbers on the label. The consecutive options that the tool is equipped with are 1,2, or R:

1= Change every click
2= Change every other click
R= Repeat, not going to change

This will have all Garvey guns. The Impressa Consecutive tools.

22-7 3 fixed, 4 con
22-8 5 fixed, 3 con
26-8 5 fixed, 3 con
26-8 4 fixed, 4 con
26-10 8 fixed, 2 con

Need to take a picture of the gun.

Your consecutive numbers are all set as a block. Make sure to order the tool that allows consecutive number movement for only the numbers you need to move.