Added Style for Your Price Gun

Pimp My Price Gun

If you work with a price gun every day in your job, the excitement you start with may fade over time as the hundreds of baked bean cans pass through your hands. Here’s a fun project to keep yourself engaged, give yourself a creative outlet, and maybe even draw a little attention. If the label gun isn’t yours, though, make sure you clear any project with a supervisor. You don’t want to end up being blamed for defacing company property, after all.

Ink Sketching

If you have a cool design in mind, grab a pen and sketch it onto the handle or body of the price gun. A graceful vine of ivy could wind its way over everything or you could stamp the Transformers icon to the side of the barrel. You could also go with the company name or logo for something a little safer.


Grab any decal, sticker, postage stamp, etc. that you like and smack it on. To protect your creation and preserve its magnificence, paint a coat of clear acrylic finish over the stickers. This will both keep the pictures clean and prevent edges from curling up and snagging.


Like ink sketching, if you have an image in mind, flesh it out onto the gun and then color it in with the right paints. It’s a bit more involved, but will have a more striking effect. Just make sure that you allow for drying time before you use it again. You could also use spray paint for solid coats of color. In either case, it may be a good idea to apply more than one coat. For an extra measure of safety, apply tape to the areas you don’t want painted and simply remove it afterward. You may be able to take apart some price guns for greater manipulation of each part, but make sure you can put it back together again!


A few rhinestones and some glue can get your price gun to sparkle. You could have a couple around the mouth, in a line along the top, in a pattern you make yourself, spelling out the store’s name, or just covering whole sections of the gun in thick, shiny bands.


Get a hold of an engraving kit and carve the store’s name, the address and phone number, your name, the logo, etc. onto the body.


Pick out some fabric and trace the shape you want onto a piece of paper. After cutting out the shape, apply a line of hot glue to the price gun body and carefully fit the fabric over it. As with painting, if there are areas you want to protect against the glue, put tape over them or disassemble the gun to work on each part separately.
Adding an extra something special to the tools you work with every day is one of the easiest ways to liven things up. Take your time planning something out and you’ll enjoy every moment you use your price gun.